lawyers Javea Denia

lawyers Javea Denia
lawyers javea

Friday, 26 June 2020

Lawyers in JAVEA Blanco abogados

If you want to build a house in Spain as "autopromotor"(owner of the plot) you must know: A good independent architect watches over you, is your right hand throughout the work and saves you money, a lot of money. Their fees are more than paid with the savings they generate.The architect certifies the payments of money during the building (must be in the contract). Legal It is necessary to know the legal situation of the plot, to make sure that it is free of charges, such as urbanization expenses pending payment, mortgages, attachments, debts to the conservation entity, etc. It is also essential an independent lawyer to make the contrac with the builder. Technical architec He is the director of work execution. Choose a builder: 1.- SOLVENCY 2.- TRAJECTORY. 3.- PERSONAL TREATMENT But remember that you will have to deal with this company for the next 14 months. Risk THE PROMOTER in such condition, will be responsible to third parties, for example for the City Council, etc. of the fulfillment of the urbanistic norms, of which it is constructed according to the license of works granted, of the obtaining of licenses of work, first occupation, etc. There are no bank guaranties for the promoter law 57/1968 a href="" imageanchor="1" >

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